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    What You Should Know About
    Getting a traffic ticket doesn't necessarily mean you are guilty.

Undeserved Citations

Have you ever received a traffic ticket that you thought was unfair? In most cases, traffic tickets are issued because the driver is at fault. But in rare cases, the officer issuing the ticket may have an ulterior motive, including a desire to meet a ticket quota or a personal vendetta. Here are a few examples of unfair traffic tickets.

  • Police Quotas
    Quotas almost guarantee unfairness

    Although most police departments will adamantly deny that they enforce speeding ticket quotas on their officers, many unofficially admit that quotas do exist. In fact, the city of Atlanta created a plan in 2013 that would increase police pay in conjunction with ticket revenue. This plan was sent in an email from the Atlanta police union head to all of the union members, proving that ticket quotas do exist.

  • Targeting Income Classes
    Wealthy drivers may be targeted

    As with any industry, not all cops are honest while performing their job as an officer. Some may even target you for a ticket if you're from a certain income class. If you're driving a Porsche, for example, you may be targeted because it is assumed that you have a lot of money. A lawyer for traffic tickets will consider any evidence that you may have been targeted for your income class when reviewing your case.

  • Unreasonably High Fines
    High fines can be unfair for some

    According to a recent California Judicial Council decision, charging unreasonably high fees to drivers contesting traffic tickets is a violation of constitutional rights. However, not all states accept this premise, and some may charge unreasonably high fines. For example, some states may issue hefty surcharges, penalty assessments, and fines that can quickly turn a $100 traffic citation into a $700 ticket.

What Should You Do?

If you're issued an unfair traffic ticket, don't assume you have to pay it. Paying a ticket is almost always considered an admission of guilt. You may have a good chance of fighting, and winning, your case in court if you can prove the ticket was issued unfairly. Eyewitness statements, photographs, diagrams, and other forms of evidence can be used to strengthen your case.

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